Writing a company mission and vision

How to Tell Your Business Story Together with an elevator pitch, your vision and mission statements form the core of your business plan. Your vision and mission statements draw out the essentials of your strategic plan.

Writing a company mission and vision

writing a company mission and vision

Most of these have been contributed by readers. Sample Mission Statements "Personal Mission Statement I WILL… attempt to further my knowledge everyday either through taking classes, reading books, or educating experiences so I can be as intelligent and insightful as my parents.

I WILL… be a better daughter, sister, student, teammate, and friend by improving on my inferior qualities like organization, responsibility, and compassion.

I WILL… continue to exercise my body a few times a week in order to become lean and fit. This way I will have the muscle and endurance to achieve my goals and live a long, healthy life.

I WILL… find a job every summer until I begin attending college in order to at least triple my current bank account.

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The money I earn will be used to pay for college expenses, and left untouched otherwise. I WILL… treasure time spent with my family and friends above everything else by putting aside time for them no matter how busy my schedule may become. I WILL… become a respected and noted leader to those who surround me through taking charge and succeeding in difficult situations.

To provide a safe, healthy, and rewarding workplace for our employees. To constantly strive to meet or exceed our customer needs and expectations of price, service, and selection.

To this end, we will perform periodic reviews of the marketplace to improve our offerings. To stay ahead of the competition by innovating new products and services based on the needs of our customers and market demand. To entertain children with educational offerings that provide fun learning opportunities.

To create a profitable website that generates strategic value for our investors and partners. To provide a creative and rewarding work environment for our employees. With this attitude, I will generously share my time and my talents with my family, my church and my community.

I will also practice harder to become a better runner. I will be the very best person that I can be. I will become confident in everything that I do in life. I will become a better student, friend, and son. My mission is to become more respectful and more responsible" -- Drew "To empower our unemployed and underemployed tribal community members.

To provide the support services, assistance with barrier removal, job coaching and life skill workshops that will uplift and bring them to a level of success" -- Charlene of Mission of Tribal Social Services "My purpose each day for the rest of my lie is to grow spiritually and serve as a vessel of God's will.

I will strive to make a positive difference in every person I interact with and always continue to improve my body, mind, emotions and spirit with truth and love.

I remain teachable and grateful. Accordingly, I will do this by continuing my education both academic and personal so that I may continue to grow and learn in order to make a progressive, effective, and beneficial impact in my relationships with other people and the environment.

In turn, this will bestow me with the wisdom and courage needed to stand in my truth and become the leader I was meant to be.

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In every moment, there is a memory.Learn how to write powerful, inspiring mission statements and vision statements with this article and video. Why should writing a vision statement for your small business be a priority? Because a vision statement is your small business's ticket to success.

A photograph in words of your company's future, it provides the inspiration for both your daily operations and your strategic decisions.


Jennell--Thanks for the article. As noted, it would benefit far more if you provided examples of vision and mission statements from the same company. Introductory article on mission, vision, and values statements by Green Plus for small and medium size organizations.

Home > Goal Setting > Sample Mission Statements Sample Mission Statements, Vision Statements and Guiding Principles. This page contains sample mission/vision statements. Most of these have been contributed by readers.

Mission Statement Examples: There are VERY few successful companies that do NOT have succinct mission and vision statements. Many CEO's claim these statements are the beacon that guides their business direction and sets the foundation for expectations and performance.

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