Write a sentence about community

Blog How To Write Correct Sentences Master the essentials of the sentence as an aid to clear thinking and effective writing. Writing a good sentence is an art, and you can master that art by developing your awareness of what makes a sentence work. As you become more familiar with the relationships among sentence elements, you will strengthen your writing skills and will be better able to make your meaning clear to your reader i.

Write a sentence about community

SC, USA It's not particularly grammatical in terms of clauses and whatnot, but what I learned was that one sentence should be one complete 'thought'. I love me some long sentences too, and they get away from me sometimes, so when I'm editing I fall back on asking myself, write a sentence about community this really a single thought?

It's a really, really long thought. So then I think, "How can I split this up and turn it into two or three complete thoughts? It's probably not a hall-of-famer for length, but it'll do for my explanatory purposes: The car didn't have a glove compartment.

He must have had something rigged up under [the dashboard] for storage. He pulled out an orange bottle. He struggled for a moment to get it open. He dumped what seemed to be too many little white oval into his mouth. He dry swallowed them.

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It's important to know how you can break things down. If every 'thought' can have a subject and a verb, you're good. Now I want to regroup these six sentences into closely-linked 'thoughts' - actions that follow each other directly, say.

He pulled out an orange bottle and struggled for a moment to get it open, then dumped what seemed to be too many little white oval into his mouth and dry swallowed them. It's fairly easy to see how you can use the same method to link up the first two sentences to the same chain - how do these thoughts connect?

There's no glove compartment, but he pulls something out form under the dash, so there must be something rigged up under there for storage. It's lengthy, but all the original 'thoughts' can be hooked together in a logical way.

write a sentence about community

So, this sentence is preceded by another rather long sentence: As he cranked up the car and pulled back out onto the road — Lestrange had left the keys in it like a good getaway driver, but of course the wheel was on the wrong side, which was going to be annoying — Lestrange began to fumble under the dash.

You have two or three distinct 'thoughts' smacked into one sentence. As he cranked up the car and pulled back onto the road, Lestrange began to fumble under the dash. So to untangle this sentence, I'd break it into its disparate 'thoughts' like I did with the "The car.

Again, what's the point of each 'thought' or clause? What is its standalone meaning? How does it relate to the thoughts around it?

He cranked the car up. He pulled back onto the road. Lestrange had left the keys in the ignition. The wheel was on the wrong side. That was going to be annoying. Lestrange began to fumble under the dash.

The first two are obvious to stitch back together, and the last one follows chronologically, so they're easy to combine into the sentence I ticked up above. The bit that was, in the original sentence, set off by dashes is more of a problem - it's off chronologically and it goes off on the tangent of the steering wheel.

I think about chronology in these types of things a lot. When should the keys be mentioned? Well, the narrator knew it was the getaway car when he first saw it pages ago, so when it initially showed up he could comment on how Lestrange left the keys in it.

The complaint about having to drive a European car is only relevant when he actually starts to drive, so that bit is in approximately the right place chronologically, it just shouldn't be in the middle of another string of thoughts.

Disorganization is, I think, the main problem you come across with long sentences. That, and information overload.

write a sentence about community

I also typically want to use sentence length consciously, as a tool. Shorter sentences are punchy, immediate, tense. Longer ones let the reader breathe, get into the flow of them, and their rambling nature can really help to drive home the point of the punchier ones with contrast.

You can also use disorganization as a tool, to emphasize a narrator's mental disorganization or to offer contrast or shock.

Off the top of my head:The use of are vs. is can be something that confounds people and is one of the most common areas to find typos in documents.

Example Sentences for "community"

Many writers have fallen victim to this, it usually occurs when going back and editing some text and then neglecting to. Communities Sentence Examples Communities the idea of a sacrifice has almost lapsed.

Physically wet but physiologically dry ha bit ats,f with the accompanying plant . Dec 08,  · I am confused about when you should end a sentence.


I also want to know how you can write a long one that is acceptable. I have seen some long sentences in works that are praised, and I like long sentences. Edit Article How to Write a Letter. In this Article: Article Summary Sample Letters Writing a Formal Letter Writing an Informal Letter Community Q&A Knowing how to write a letter is a fundamental skill you'll use in business, school, and personal relationships to communicate information, goodwill, or .

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How to use community in a sentence. Example sentences with the word community. community example sentences.

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