Training and development at airtel

We were looking for someone who could deliver a holistic learning experience for our employees, seamlessly intertwining technical and behavioral aspects of our jobs.

Training and development at airtel

Skill Development There is particular emphasis on building a corporate culture where team spirit is fostered and the channels of communications are open for all.

To that goal, the OD team strives to generate ideas that will enhance team spirit and make the work environment more enjoyable and interesting.

Training and development at airtel

Team spirit discussed in more detail later For most of the technical development, on-the-job training is considered. The division head co-ordinates with the HR division to seek training from outside source. For managerial or people skills training, the division head requests the HR division for the specific training; the HR division identifies if the training can be provided by the resources inside, or else seeks training from other training organizations.

AIRTEL offers different course sessions where the expert instructors provide knowledge on various management or technical subjects like team development, leadership skills, GSM technology, etc. It includes visits to the different customer care centres, visits to other divisions and discussions with people in other divisions if it helps the new executive to have a better understanding of his own role.

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Employees joining Customer Care will receive extended Orientation Training upon joining AIRTEL, to gain more in-depth knowledge of and exposure to particular division functions, which relate directly to their job in customer relationship management.

The induction hours are counted as training hours and are updated regularly in the training database. AIRTEL always welcomes scholar interns and provides all kinds of facilities like the other world class reputed organization. The HR division follows some set guidelines to select a person for the internship program.

At the end of this internship period, the internee has to submit a project report on a selected topic of that particular area to the HR division based on his or her gathered knowledge throughout the time. Training Prerequisites The entire training process can be loosely divided into three sub-divisions.

The next phase is the process of Training Need Identification. Training Need Assessment [TNA] The objective of the TNA Process is to identify the training needs of the different divisions and departments and eventually preparing the training calendar.

The main components required to initiate this process are the Performance Appraisal Form, Recommendation from divisional Heads for Training and compiled Training needs to create the yearly training calendar. Divisions will then associate with OD to determine them: What tasks must be completed to achieve these goals?

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What behaviors are necessary for each job incumbent to complete his or her assigned tasks? What deficiencies if any do incumbents have in the skills, knowledge or attitudes required performing the necessary behaviors? Other than that, training need at the higher-level post of AIRTEL may come through the fact that an executive is the future top-level management of the company.

The person who shows excellent capabilities at his work does not necessarily automatically become a good manager when promoted.

Training and development at airtel

The newly promoted supervisor is likely to find himself concerned for the first time with identifying and solving problems involving decision-making. He has to motivate and manage mental models of the staff. This requires leadership skills, which must be developed. He must be able to assess the training needs of his subordinates and carry out on the job training when necessary.

The executive is on the management ladder and must learn the art of delegation. Until very recently, office executives were left to acquire these skills by experience but it can be a long hard process and is made much easier by proper training.

The Calendar will be dynamic and subject to updates and modifications, to meet division and employee skill requirements. The Calendar will be developed following the completion of all Performance Appraisals.

It will also work closely with divisions to develop their respective functional skills training calendar, sourcing both internal and external trainers. The immediate supervisor identifies training need during regular One on One meeting conversation. If the training need can be fulfilled internally, then In-house Training is conducted and if the identified area cannot be improved internally, the Division head takes initiative in collaboration with OD to send for External Training for the concerned person.

AIRTEL aims to develop expert instructors within the organization in near future for in-house training. For the external training courses, instructors are allocated by the training organizations. Course Materials for In-house Training Primarily the course materials are developed in-house based on the modern management theories and tools provided in various books authored by the leading management thinkers.Training and Development Methods Used in Vodafone and Bsnl.

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TRAINING Lloyd, and Leslie () define training as “a learing process that involves the acquisition of.

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