Timbre frame resynthesis synclavier

Although, these systems cost more than many musicians made in a year, they quickly found their way into top studios, movie soundtracks and recordings by top artists including Michael Jackson ThrillerSting The Dream of the Blue TurtlesPat Metheny Are You Going With Me?

Timbre frame resynthesis synclavier

The Synclavier was a wildly expensive vintage digital sampling synthesizer reserved for the most successful musicians, commercial studios, and sound designers. Designed during the '70's, they can still be found and prized by various sound designers, composers, and musicians. Although there have been three models, the second called the Synclavier II pictured above they are most often referred to as just a Synclavier.

In a third model was introduced and became the most infamous version of the line-up. The new features included a full sized and weighted keyboard with velocity and aftertouch which replaced the previous model's plastic keyboard, and voices polyphony.

There was also a standard onboard arpeggiator and a robust sequencer with up to tracks and its sampler had the ability to record and output at up to khz!

Patches, sound files, sequences and samples are stored to 5.

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Some lower-end versions are not capable of using the 'Timbre-frame' timbral scanning programming method. Others are not capable of handling a MIDI retrofit. And all of these have different 'top versions' of the OS that they can handle, making the purchase of a used Synclav system a dicey affair.

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You Might Also Like.With the Synclavier V, we’ve taken the number of Partial Timbres to 12, dramatically expanding the creative possibilities. Since each Partial Timbre is a complete sound, that means that you can stack many different sonic elements into electrifying Timbres .

Nov 20,  · Synclavier did'nt use a whole sample for frame based resynthesis. It extracted calculated waveforms like you can read in the PDF in the post you said was well put by Koshdukai and in other places including in the availble posts and material in the forum about the subject.

Timbre frame resynthesis synclavier

Jul 30,  · Thanks for the explanation but the sampling/resynthesis is as much of a part of the soul of the Synclavier 2 as the additive and FM synthesis.

Description: Original Synclavir is a digital synthesizer combining several synthesis options: additive, FM, and also the so-called Timbre Frame – in fact it is a resynthesis technology based on combining arbitrary micro-samples into a chain in an arbitrary sequence.

Manual II Music Production and Sound Design Note: This document describes the state of the Synclavier® Digital Audio System as of October, Software updates issued since that time are not described in this manual but are documented elsewhere.

Synclavier Digital does not, at this time, offer any Synclavier® hardware or systems for sale. RESYNTHESIS IS ONE area in which the Synclavier excels. Resynthesis is the process whereby a sampled sound is analysed and recreated using synthesis of one form or another. The Synclavier achieves this by dividing a sample into many small time segments called "timbre frames".

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