The life story of jackie robinson

Early life Family and personal life Robinson was born on January 31,into a family of sharecroppers in Cairo, Georgia. With the track and field squad, he won awards in the broad jump. He was also a member of the tennis team.

The life story of jackie robinson

Life after Baseball Jackie Robinson became the first black man to play major league baseball in the twentieth century when he debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, He was the fifth child and fourth son of Mallie and Jerry Robinson, tenant workers on the plantation of James Madison Sasser in Grady Countyjust a few miles north of the Florida state line.

She worked as a maid to support her children, and they remained poor. But young Robinson distinguished himself as a high school athlete, both in track and in baseball, and even more so at Pasadena Junior College, where he excelled at football as well. He was a star running The life story of jackie robinson on the football team, dubbed the "greatest ball carrier" in the game by Sporting News.

As a Robinson Family basketball player he led the Pacific Coast Conference in scoring for two seasons. He won swimming championships while at UCLA and reached the semifinals of the national African American tennis tournament.

The life story of jackie robinson

He briefly played professional football for the Honolulu Bears inleaving Hawaii just two days before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor the event that would prompt U.

Robinson was drafted into the army in and served without seeing combat duty due to an ankle injury. He was honorably discharged in November They had three children together.

He started scouting black players under the pretense of assembling a Negro League Jackie Robinson team to be owned by the Dodgers, but he was actually looking for the right player to integrate the game.

Believing Robinson would find a warmer reception in Canada, Rickey assigned him to play for Montreal during the season as a warm-up for his rookie season in the majors the following year.

Robinson, the first black player in the International League in fifty-seven years, was exceedingly popular with the fans as he led the league in batting and runs scored, and his team won the pennant. Major League Career In Rickey invited Robinson to take the historic step of playing for his Brooklyn Dodgers in the major leagues.

Rickey asked Robinson to remain passive in the face of the discrimination and cruelty he was sure to encounter. The Jackie Robinson Story Robinson agreed, though to do so was very much out of character; he was once court-martialed in the army for refusing to move to the back of a bus.

Rickey and Robinson had an understanding that Robinson would be silent for three seasons. Robinson was widely revered for his show of restraint in the face of jeers, slurs, and discrimination from fans, opposing players, and even his own teammates. During spring training, before appearing in his first major league game, Dodger teammates started a petition to prevent him from playing.

Still, Robinson often had separate accommodations when the team was traveling. Robinson excelled on the field during his first season, despite the difficult environment. Robinson led the National League in steals, with twenty-nine.

At the end of his first season, a national poll found him to be the second most popular celebrity in the United States, behind the singer Bing Crosby. The tour met vocal opposition from Ku Klux Klansmenwho vowed to keep an integrated team from facing the all-white Atlanta Crackers.

Nevertheless, Robinson was met by enthusiastic fans and drew the largest crowds ever assembled at that time for a sporting event in the state. On April 10, more than 25, spectators—10, over capacity—filled the Ponce de Leon Ballpark for the last of three games against the Crackers. Many of those were African Americans from Cairo and other parts of south Georgia, who came in busloads to see the local hero play.

He stole home base nineteen times in his career, and inwhen he was thirty-five years old, he became the first National Leaguer in nearly twenty-six years to steal his way around the bases. In he was traded to the New York Giants, but he retired from baseball instead of accepting the trade.

He became a vocal supporter of Martin Luther King Jr. Later that summer, he drew new attention to the movement by speaking at the annual convention of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Birmingham, Alabama.Jackie Robinson should be remembered because he was such an influence to many African Americans because he was inspirational as a child, he was a national .

Apr 19,  · Jackie Robinson Topps Gypsy Queen. John Rosengren ‘s new biography of Greenberg, Hank Greenberg: The Hero of Heroes, also recounts the episode (drawing on The Story of My Life as a source).

“The moment held lasting significance for Robinson,” writes Rosengren. “It also burnished Hank’s reputation as a hero for the. The Brooklyn Dodgers announce the purchase of the contract of Jack Roosevelt Robinson from goes against the Boston Braves at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn.

On this day, Jackie grounds out against Johnny Sain in his first at-bat. He goes . Find and save ideas about Pictures of jackie robinson on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Who was jackie robinson, Jackie Robinson and Jackie robinson day.

Apr 12,  · Forty-seven years ago, Robinson starred as himself in ``The Jackie Robinson Story,'' produced by Mort Briskin.

Many critics today say it was an excellent performance by Robinson. In , Rachel Robinson sold the story rights to Lorimar Productions, but the company shelved the project. Jackie Robinson is the first black man to break Major League Baseball’s infamous colour line.


42 follows Robinson’s journey from signing with the Dodgers’ minor league affiliate, the Montreal Royals, to and beyond April 15th , the infamous date in baseball history .

Jackie Robinson - Early Life