The amrican red cross case study

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The amrican red cross case study

Login InIs an Independent organization, supported by public financial donations and volunteerism. High rate executive turnover, slow response to disasters, mismanagement of donations and funds, and no background screening on their volunteers are few of the examples.

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It is usually created by the top management. In the American Red Cross case, there were questions regarding of the leadership of the organization.

The problem began with high turnover rate in the executive level. The organization saw a frequent change in the president and chief executive officer position. The constant change in leadership Is debilitating and does nothing to address the problem.

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Instead of fixing the problem by strengthen the core of the organization, they chose the easy way out. They kept firing and hiring new candidate for the top management.

ARC spent a large amount of time and money to search for the right person. In the case of Healy and Iverson, the board spent two years and eighteen months and came up empty. The organization sent out large severance packages for ousted executives, no matter how short the term they served. When employee saw there was no punishment for their unethical behavior, they updated and cashed out when their time was over.

The American Red Cross did not have a robust ethical culture. And, the problems were created because of it. Instead of distributing these donations to the victims and their family, the ARC kept more than half. Its reason was to spend these donations on the organization and sake it better prepared for the future catastrophes.

It raised lot of attentions from the media and the donors. Donors felt their monies were not rightfully used. They felt the ARC did not keep their promise to provide aids to those in needs.

Instead, the ARC used the donation money for its needs. Another disaster struck during August and September of Strain was one of the strongest and costliest hurricanes ever recorded In the Atlantic.

Rata was even a larger storm.

The amrican red cross case study

During their disaster relief, FEM. Along with the failures in communication between FEM. The ARC did not apply ethical standards when it comes to hiring volunteers. They did little to none when it comes to background screening for their volunteers.

Volunteers reported the disappeared of rented cars, electricity generators, and more than air mattresses.

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Some of these volunteers ad arrest warrants or other felony charges in their backgrounds. They were working around computers and systems that allow funds to be added to debit cards for immediate use by the hurricane victims. These funds could be easily misused by dishonest volunteers.

First, it happened at the top level.

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Top executives committed fraud and received undeserved benefits. Punishments for such actions did not exist. They repeated and committed these unethical behaviors. Second, the organization mismanaged the money from nations. Victims and their families did not receive the funds they need in time or in full amounts.Guide to Senate Records: Chapter 13 Judiciary Table of Contents.

Chapter and the American National Red Cross Other records of the committee include papers relating to a study of interstate compacts, (4 ft.). rape sex rape rape, xnxx, tube6 japanese pussy, good rape movies, violent rape video, vintage sex raped move hd video rape. The Red Cross/Crescent Movement has conditions for admission but have no power to control or disown National Red Cross/ Crescent Socities who fail to meet minimum standards of transparency, accountability or operational standards.

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