Smeda business plan for youth

Published on Dec 10,by Admin Pakbiz. Prime Minister's Youth Business Loan Schemefor young entrepreneurs between the age group of 21 - 45 years, is designed to provide subsidized financing at 8.

Smeda business plan for youth

To provide small business loans in shape of Term loan focus on but will not restricted to unemployed youth, especially educated youth looking for establishing or extending business enterprise.

Prime Minister Youth Business Loan

Both women and men aged between 21 to 45 year holding valid CNIC, having ability to start their own business or intend to expand the existing business. The tenor will depend upon the nature of business, pattern of income and repayment capacity.

Processing time will not exceed 15 working days after submission of complete basic documents by the applicant. No post dated cheques or wealth statement by the guarantor is required. It is not mandatory for guarantor to reside in the same city of the applicant.

No net worth is required if guarantor is a Government Employee There is no age limit for guarantors who are not Government Employees Any grade or above Govt. Only salary slip is required.

smeda business plan for youth

More than one person with cumulative net worth of more than 1. Single person, having net worth higher than 1. Anyone with net worth more than 1. Must have clean credit history Not an employee of FWBL One guarantor one loan Cannot be an applicant 2- If a person cannot arrange an eligible guarantor, then alternatively he can provide mortgage of immoveable property in lieu of guarantee.

Property must be in Applicants name and must be free from any charge or lien. It shall be appraised by PBA approved valuators and the cost of this valuation shall be borne by the applicant. The appraised value of property must be equivalent to at least 1.

Valuation and mortgage charges to be borne by the applicant. The valuation of the property will be done after sanction of the loan at the time of completion of legal documentation.

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PBA approved valuators shall be used for this purpose. Loan disbursement will be subject to the valuation of the property.

What is the amount of loan we can apply? The amount of loan a potential borrower can avail will depend on the Business Plan and credit worthiness of the customer. Maximum amount of limit is Rs. What is the Rate of Mark-up for the scheme? For what tenor of loan we can apply?

Applications are acceptable up to maximum tenor of 8 years inclusive of One Year grace period.Prime Minister PM Business Loan Scheme has now launched that is why here is the Sample paper of the Business plan or Feasibility Report which is submitted by .

Refining the Plan .. 14 Page 2 of 15 Note: All SMEDA Services / information related to PM's Youth Business Loan are Free of Cost II. Brief Description of Project This is an introductory description of project, which is normally a statement of facility to be established with concise description of product or service at a defined location.

All smeda services related to Prime Minister youth program are free of cost as stated by Smeda itself. Smeda shares guidelines on Developing an effective Business Plan for Pakistan Prime minster Youth Scheme ( SMEDA has Launched Pre-feasibility Studies for all types of Youth Loan.

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority - SMEDA, Premier institution of the Government of Pakistan under Ministry of Industries & Production.

SMEDA was established in October to take on the challenge of developing Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Pakistan. Prime Minister's Youth Business Loans (PMYBL) Scheme was launched by the Prime Minister for The borrower's contribution of equity would be in the form of cash or Approved SMEDA Business Feasibility Report, private sector service.

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