Sentence pattern

Coordinating conjunctions link words, phrases, and clauses. Here are some examples:

Sentence pattern

Coordinating conjunctions link words, phrases, and clauses. Here are some examples: Nuclear-powered artificial hearts proved to be complicated, bulky, and expensive. In the s, artificial heart devices did not fit well and tended to obstruct the flow of venous blood into the right atrium.

The blood vessels leading to the device tended to kink, obstructing the filling of the chambers and resulting in inadequate output.

The small clots that formed throughout the circulatory system used up so much of the clotting factor that uncontrolled bleeding from external or internal injury became a risk. Current from the storage batteries can power lights, but the current for appliances must be modified within an inverter.

Adverbial conjunctions link two separate sentences, but Sentence pattern a semicolon or colon: The Kedeco produces watts in 17 mph winds using a foot rotor; on the other hand, the Dunlite produces watts in 25 mph winds. The first artificial hearts were made of smooth silicone rubber which apparently caused excessive clotting and, therefore, uncontrolled bleeding.

This example does not contain two sentences; no semicolon, therefore, is needed. For short periods, the fibers were beneficial; however, the eventual buildup of fibrin on the inner surface of the device would impair its function.

The atria of the heart contribute a neglible amount of energy; in fact, the total power output of the heart is only about 2. Subordinating conjunctions combine separate sentences in a different way: Here are some examples of subordinating conjunctions: The heart undergoes two cardiac cycle periods: Whenever an electron acquires enough energy to leave its orbit, the atom is positively charged.

If the wire is broken, electrons will cease to flow and current is zero. Phrases and clauses Phrases and clauses are groups of words that act as a unit and perform a single function within a sentence.

A phrase may have a partial subject or verb but not both; a dependent clause has both a subject and a verb but is not a complete sentence.

Sentence pattern

Here are a few examples not all phrases are highlighted because some are embedded in others: Phrases Clauses Electricity has to do with those physical phenomena involving electrical charges and their effects when in motion and when at rest. Electricity manifests itself as a force of attraction, independent of gravitational and short-range nuclear attraction, when two oppositely charged bodies are brought close to one another.

Volta constructed and experimented with the voltaic pile, the predecessor of modern batteries. The symbol that denotes a connection to the grounding conductor is three parallel horizontal lines, each of the lower ones being shorter than the one above it.

These studies led Planck to postulate that electromagnetic radiation is emitted in discrete amounts, called quanta. Since the frequency is the speed of sound divided by the wavelength, a shorter wavelength means a higher wavelength.

A prepositional phrase, composed of a preposition and its object, shows relationships involving time, direction, or space: An artificial heart was installed in a human subject for the first time in The current leads to the field coils and into an external circuit. Alternators are not compatible with wind systems because of their high rpm requirements.

An appositive, a word or phrase that renames a noun or pronoun, adds information about a noun but in a way different than do adjectives: InRichard Nixon, president of the U. Broad principles about space flight were laid down by the Austrian astronautical pioneer, Dr.

An upper air inversion, a layer of stable air, is usually present over large areas of the tradewinds as a hurricane develops. A participial phrase is a group of words acting as an adjective and modifying a noun or pronoun.

A participle is the -ed or -ing form of a verb: The Eagle Generator uses a 6-pole, shunt-wound generator designed to reach maximum power at 20 mph. Because of the design created by Kwan-Gett, endothelial cells could grow on the fibrin layer, making the interior surfaces of the artificial heart similar to those of the natural heart.

The wire is wrapped around field cores made of steel laminations. Gerunds and gerund phrases. Similar in appearance to a participial phrase, the gerund plays the role of noun.The Subordinate Clause Recognize a subordinate clause when you see one.

A subordinate clause—also called a dependent clause—will begin with a subordinate conjunction or a relative pronoun and will contain both a subject and a combination of words will not form a complete will instead make a reader want additional information to finish the thought.

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The Modifier Recognize a modifier when you see one. Modifiers are words, phrases, or clauses that provide description in monstermanfilm.comers allow writers to take the picture that they have in their heads and transfer it accurately to the heads of their readers.

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A cardioid (from the Greek καρδία "heart") is a plane curve traced by a point on the perimeter of a circle that is rolling around a fixed circle of the same radius.

It can also be defined as an epicycloid having a single is also a type of sinusoidal spiral, and an inverse curve of the parabola with the focus as the center of inversion.. The name was coined by de Castillon in The definition of SVOCA and theirs examples, identify the pattern of the sentence, examples of subject, verb, object, complement and adjunct.

Learn subject and object of a sentence, use pattern in a sentence, subjects in sentences examples, examples of subjects in a sentence, simple subject of a sentence examples, exercises on sentence patterns, What is sentence structure? Thefirst sentence is Pattern a preposition, box is the object of the preposition, and theprepositionalphrase is used as an adverbial modifier, because it tells where Harry jumped.

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