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The Seaway system includes a mile, inch diameter pipeline between Cushing, Oklahoma and the Freeport, Texas area, and a terminal and distribution crude oil network originating in Texas City, Texas that serves all of the refineries in the Greater Houston area. On May 17, Enterprise and Enbridge completed a project to reverse the flow direction of the Seaway Pipeline, allowing it to transport crude oil from the Cushing, Oklahoma hub to the vast refinery complex along the Gulf Coast near Houston. The first volumes arrived at the Jones Creek terminal, just north of Freeport, on June 6, In reversed service the line had an initial capacity ofbarrels per day BPD.

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This article provides recommendations for actually picking out a quality product. The process is not always simple and often you will have to make up your mind whether something is still acceptable for you or not. If your dog doesn't show sensitivities to things like for example wheat, corn, beef, or brewer's yeast and they are of good quality e.

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USDA inspected or antibiotic and steroid free etc. I could go on with countless examples for ingredients that have been vilified due to people's half-knowledge that finds the internet as a prolific breeding environment.

It is my goal to provide you with all the tools that you need in order to make an informed decision whether a particular food is acceptable for you or not.

The recommendations below are based on the official AAFCO definitions of food ingredients, my independent research of those ingredients and also advice from other sources. Except for very few more widely available brands I have not taken special needs formulations for allergies or other health concerns into consideration, since they are formulated under completely different aspects.

Step One - Determine the main ingredients of the food Contrary to popular belief, it's not always the "first five" or "first seven" ingredients listed that make up the major portion of a product.

The number of main ingredients actually depends on the specific formulation of a food and the degree of variety included, so one brand may have only three or four main ingredients, while another could have eight or ten. What you need to look for is the first source of fat or oil that appears in the ingredient list.

This can either be from an animal or vegetable source, there are good and bad ones of both, but more details on that later. Anything listed before that first source of fat, and including it, are the main ingredients of the food.

Any other items are present in much smaller amounts to add flavor, function as preservatives, help with the manufacturing process or provide dietary benefits e. Step Two - Evaluate the quality of the ingredients and the amounts used Sadly, this is easier said than done, due to the ambiguous names of many ingredients.

As a consumer you have no way of knowing how much of an ingredient is really in a food, or whether a manufacturer uses a good or poor quality ingredient that is available in different grades - AAFCO Association of American Feed Control Officials - the regularing body for the feed industry does not permit statements in regards to quality on ingredient labels.

You will have to do your homework and determine which manufacturers you trust. We will take a look at the different ingredient groups in chapter 2.

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Step Three - Required reading Manufacturer's websites, brochures, pamphlets - read it all and if you have questions, don't be afraid to contact them and ask. Does the provided information include facts you can verify by consulting independent sources? Talk to company representatives at dog shows or other venues.

How well prepared and how willing are they to answer specific questions? Does the company make outrageous claims without backing them up? Compare how the quality of the ingredients used in their products matches up with any statement they make about proper nutrition.

If a manufacturer boasts about "awards" and "winning taste test results", do they reference the exact criteria products had to meet and who conducted the evaluations?

If a manufacturer compares a product to those of competitors, are the comparisons truthful or is the main tactic making the competitor look bad without explaining why their own product is of superior quality? Of course everyone is trying to present their own food in the best light, but if pointing out weaknesses in other products or employing scare tactics is all they can do, their own can't be that much better.

Make the effort to examine all products in a comparison table provided by a given manufacturer, often they do not represent competitor products truthfully. Consider the use of catchphrases and marketing gimmicks in TV commercials and advertising campaigns.

How difficult is it to locate relevant product information like ingredients, guaranteed analysis, caloric content etc. Is it readily available or buried in various articles that do not directly relate to the product s? Step Four - Do your own feeding trial The "best" food will not do if your dog either can't tolerate it or won't eat it.

Don't be afraid to select more than one brand and see how they work out for your dog. Give it enough time though, it takes weeks at the very least to see results. Unless symptoms of intolerance surface, months are a more reasonable time frame.

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The manufacturers of most high quality foods will be happy to send you free samples of their products so you can find out if your dog even likes the taste of a particular food before you buy. Ingredient groups - what to look for and what to avoid Protein Protein, in the form of quality meat ingredients, is the most important component of a dog's diet.

As animals with a carnivorous background, their digestive tract is designed to utilize primarily meat and fat. It is also the most expensive ingredient for a manufacturer to buy and the profit margin on a product is drastically affected by the amount and quality used.

Ideally, the first ingredient of a food should be either a specified meat meal, or a specified fresh meat type followed by a meal.

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If your individual dog's specific needs limit you to using foods that do not include a concentrated source of meat in meal form, I highly recommend supplementing with fresh or canned meats on a daily basis.

If a manufacturer uses quality ingredients and has nothing to hide, there is no need for generic names. Byproducts of any type are less desirable and only acceptable if they do not make up the main source of animal protein and if the name of the species used is also defined in some manner e.Williamsburg Edge - luxury condominiums on the Brooklyn waterfront.

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Step Two - Evaluate the quality of the ingredients and the amounts used

Owners with sufficient in-house staff contract with different entities for each phase of design, construction, and validation, as well as take on the responsibility of orchestrating the various team members.

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Serving Governments and Businesses Since Support. Seaway Crude Pipeline Company LLC (Seaway) is a 50/50 joint venture between Enterprise Products Partners L.P., the operator, and Enbridge Inc., which purchased its ownership interest from ConocoPhillips on November 16, Entity that initiates a project, finances it, contracts it out, and benefits from its output(s).Also called just owner.

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