Om 10 decision of hard rock essay

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Om 10 decision of hard rock essay

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Order your hard and soft approach of HRM paper at affordable prices with http: Human resource as defined by Armstrong P and Dawson C 16 is the strategy for acquiring, using, improving and preserving the organisations human resource. It could be well agued that in most cases the human aspect is forgotten in relation to how they manage people, leaving most staff unsatisfied creating a high staff turn over which affects organisational performance.

It is therefore an utmost importance that people as opposed to just employees-need to be managed in away that consistent with broad organisational requirement such as quality or efficiency.

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As in most cases organisational effectiveness depends on theyre being a tight fit between human resource and business strategies. Human resource as could be said is all about making business strategies work.

Custom Essays on hard and soft approach of HRM This easy would therefore be looking at some of the HRM approaches used such as the Harvard model; hard and soft approach in conjunction with the real world of the THL industry and to determine wither the hard approach is more appropriate.

The Soft HRM is the notion that workers respond better when an organisation recognises their individual needs and addresses them as well as focusing on the overall business objectives.

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The work of Maslow in stating that humans have a hierarchy of needs, which they will exert considerable energy towards achieving, claims that organisations that recognises and addresses these needs will have a happier, more fulfilled, more loyal and productive workforce.

As agued by Jackson T. As illustrated by Goldsmith A.

The Hard HRM on the other hand therefore sees people as human resources. Holding that employees are a resource in the same way as any other business resource and they must therefore be; obtained as cheaply as possible, used sparingly, developed and exploited as much as possible.

As indicated by Gratton L. The hard HRM therefore is primarily concern to promote human resource strategy and align with business strategy.

It may also include out sourcing, flexibility, performance management, hence downsizing or work intensification, sees workers as another resource to be exploited and can operate against the interest of workers.

The Harvard model on the other hand as indicated by Beer et al sees employees as resource, but human where the managers are responsible to make decisions about the organisation and employee relation.


The employment relation is seen as a blending of business and societal expectations and because it recognises the role societal outcomes it could be agued that the Harvard model provides a useful basis for comparative analysis. As could be agued striving to enhance all four Cs could lead favourable consequences for individual well- being, societal well-being and organisational effectiveness either long- term consequences.

Looking at these three HRM models mentioned in conjunction with the real world of THL industry where the industry is a growing employer in Britain but a labour intensive industry with low wages it is an utmost importance that the appropriate model of HRM is used to decrease staff turnover in other to retain skilled staff and increase organisational performance.

As indicated by Verginis S. As stated by Verginis S. As well known to all the THL industry in general, suffers from a high staff turn over which could be said to be due to its labour intensiveness, low income and or recent issues in the industry that include the foot and mouth epidemic and the September 11 Due to the high skill shortage in the industry which is due to low skilled employees used in specific areas of the industry and its high staff turn over the idea of using the harder approach of HRM where staff are seen as a resource may seem more appropriate as this group of employees could be classified in the labour market as belonging to the secondary market where the need for an autocratic style of management is more appropriate as this group tend to have a limited education, limited skills, and therefore resulting to limited access to commitment.

However if this model is used frequently in the industry it could be agued that the rhetoric of hotel employers that people are the industries most important asset may remain unconcern and whilst this prevail the industry will continue to loss their human aspect which may gradually affect organisational performance.

Increasingly though there may be recognition of recruitment difficulties, shortage of skilled an unqualified staff, relatively low pay, high staff turn over and unattractive image as an employing sector an understanding of Rileys concept of the secondary labour sector suggest that the very characteristics which creates a low paid, low skilled environment also provides considerable opportunity for rapid, meritocratic promotion in within the industry.

More over the industrys anti-social working hours has also increased its staff turn over resulting to consistent skill shortage one may say the Harvard model of HRM is more appropriate for the THL industry as this model covers the four policies of HRM and would help to retain and attract a skilled and motivated workforce in the industry.

It could also be agued that using one HRM model in the hospitality industry will tend not to work due to the different labour sectors in the industry.Living with hard decisions essay bibtex dissertation statt phd thesis database.

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Om 10 decision of hard rock essay

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