Memorible moments

Which end is up? Many of us have then knocked the ball into the hole by, shall we say, unorthodox methods. Ah, but most of us are not tournament golfers who have to pay attention to the rules governing this sort of thing. So it was with Andy Bean on the 15th hole of the third round, when he turned his putter upside down and tapped in with the grip end of the club.

Memorible moments

The Abridged Series 4. Marik Ishtar faces a similar dilemma in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series Another case happens in the Stars Season.

During the Nehelenia arc, Sailor Mars and Neptune are paired together against one of her mirror clones posing as her, and are caught in an illusion making think they're on fire. Mars falls for it, but Neptune sees through it immediately and just attacks the clone to break the illusion.

Mars then wonders out loud about how levelheaded and mature Neptune is compared to herself, so when Neptune responds to her statement, she at first thinks Neptune read her mind, until she points out that Mars said it aloud without hesitation. Cue an embarrassed Mars. In the manga version of Excel SagaElgala has the quirk Memorible moments speaking her innermost thoughts out loud, including "I musn't speak my innermost thoughts out loud!

Inverted in One Piecewhere the Cloudcuckoolander Gedatsu stands silently, having forgotten he would have to speak aloud for people to hear his inner monologue. Later, Chopper mentions how the native tribe on the island of birds looks primitive, but actually have very advanced weapons.

The tribe leader points out that Chopper probably didn't intend to say the "primitive" part out loud. Used in the Kyoto Animation version of Kanon. Yuuichi narrates meeting Kaori, which she responds to: As I turned around, Misaka Kaori was standing there.

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What are you giving a narration for? In the dub version, though, Kaori's line is changed to "I can still hear you, you know. Ataru is very prone to say out loud whatever he is thinking -often something pervert- and often he does not even realize until someone else points it out.

In an early manga chapter he is trying to score a girl. During one scene he wants to say "I will be your most loyal friend.

I'll protect you with my life! If I don't get something it will be a disaster" Another character lampshaded it. In Digimon SaversIvan will also regularly speak his innermost thoughts, often adding something like 'but I wouldn't tell you that, not if you ripped my mouth off' to the end.

Nanami tends to point this out to him, but he does it anyway. And he's still shocked when Yoshino knows of his secret-secret love for her.

Memorible moments

Happens quite often to Hideki in Chobits. Lampshaded when Hideki comments that he needs to stop talking to himself. Somewhat justified by the fact that he spent most of his life on a farm, where the only things who could overhear him were livestock who obviously can't do much to make him feel awkward about it.

Kyon, the narrator in Haruhi Suzumiyadoes this so often that it's sometimes hard to tell when he's just narrating and when he's actually talking. It's essential to his narrating style. To clarify, he rarely has quotation marks, and many of the things he 'says' in response to what others are talking about are only in his head, while at other times characters respond to statements that seemed like narration.

You don't know if he's actually said something until the other character responds. In the anime, the same effect is achieved by having Kyon's mouth offscreen during these parts.

Mana in the dub version of Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Pegasus does this after he intentionally mocks Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh! The dub version of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX also has this in the scene where Saiou and Kenzan first meet. In the unedited version of episode 6 of Tengen Toppa Gurren LagannYoko chews out Kamina for falling into an enemy trap just so he could look at her and the girls' boobs.

When Kamina justifies his actions by saying "there are some things a guy just has to see", Yoko blurts out that she would've let him see them any time if he'd have just said so first.

Hellbat in Transformers Victory privately gloats about how he's going to overthrow Goryu, Leozack, and Deathsaurus - while Goryu is standing right next to him. Fortunately for Hellbat, Goryu is an idiot. It's Ash that breaks the ice again, by turning to her and saying, "Huh?!?

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King Bumi recounts his plan to kidnap the Avatar and force him to go through a series of trials before the guards tell him that the kids can hear him in Avatar: The Abridged Series #4.; Marik Ishtar faces a similar dilemma in Yu-Gi-Oh!The Abridged Series # Hiring a coordinator frees you and everyone you love to live in the moment on your wedding day.

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Memorible moments

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The most memorable ad of the lot was one run by American Crossroads, the Super PAC associated with Karl Rove.

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