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Is 4410

There have been two model number designations for this firearm, the no longer produced and the current. Both model numbers are essentially the same revolver, and any or will yield basically the same performance.

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The 3" barrel model also comes in two weight classes, the standard steel construction 29 oz currently, 36 oz previously and alloy-based "Ultra-Lite" 22 oz currently, 24 oz previously. Felt recoil can be significant with the Ultra-Lite series, due to its light weight, especially with.

As of Decemberspur-less hammers remain available with all short-barrel lengths of The Judge. Crimson Trace laser grips are available for standard models of this firearm.

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These have been labeled the Public Defender series and are based on the Taurus Model 85 frame. As with the original Judge, these shoot five rounds of either.

Taurus is positioning the Public Defender series as a concealed carry piece. Taurus also introduced the tactical R Ported. The 67 ounce revolver held five shells in the cylinder and had a 6. The cylinder used a double lock-up similar to the Raging Judge chambered in.

However, rumors began to quickly circulate during the show that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives BATFE seized the prototype guns due to an initial finding that the guns were actually short-barreled shotguns, and therefore illegal.

Carbine[ edit ] Circuit Judge carbine.

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Taurus makes an Standard rifling designed to stabilize bullets scatters shot limiting its effectiveness to very short range. The rifling of the Judge barrel is designed to stabilize bullets but not unduly scatter shot.

Taurus also paid attention to effectiveness with buckshot, positioning the Judge as a personal defense weapon. A cylinder full 6 shells of 3". The Taurus Judge is based on the Taurus.

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Is 4410

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Is 4410

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