In the story harrison bergeron how is the conflict resolved

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In the story harrison bergeron how is the conflict resolved

Table of Contents Plot Overview It is the year Because of Amendments, and to the Constitution, every American is fully equal, meaning that no one is stupider, uglier, weaker, or slower than anyone else.

The Handicapper General and a team of agents ensure that the laws of equality are enforced. One April, fourteen-year-old Harrison Bergeron is taken away from his parents, George and Hazel, by the government. Inthose who possess average intelligence are unable to think for extended stretches of time.

The government broadcasts noise over these radios to interrupt the thoughts of intelligent people like George. Hazel and George are watching ballerinas dance on TV. She remarks on the prettiness of the dance. For a few moments, George reflects on the dancers, who are weighed down to counteract their gracefulness and masked to counteract their good looks.

Two of the dancers onscreen hear the noise, too; apparently, they are smart and must wear radios as well. Hazel says she would enjoy hearing the noises that the handicappers dream up. If she were Handicapper General, Hazel says, she would create a chime noise to use on Sundays, which she thinks would produce a religious effect.

Hazel says she would be a good Handicapper General, because she knows what normalcy is. Before being interrupted by another noise, George thinks of his son, Harrison.

He says he hardly notices the weight anymore. Hazel suggests taking a few of the weights out of the bag, but he says if everyone broke the law, society would return to its old competitive ways.

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Hazel says she would hate that. On TV, an announcer with a speech impediment attempts to read a bulletin.


Hazel commends him for working with his God-given abilities and says he should get a raise simply for trying so hard. The bulletin says that Harrison has escaped from prison.

A photo of Harrison appears on the screen. He is wearing the handicaps meant to counteract his strength, intelligence, and good looks. The photo shows that he is seven feet tall and covered in pounds of metal.

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He is wearing huge earphones, rather than a small radio, and big glasses meant to blind him and give him headaches. He is also wearing a red rubber nose and black caps over his teeth.

His eyebrows are shaved off. He says that he is the emperor, the greatest ruler in history, and that everyone must obey him.

Then he rips off all of his handicaps.

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He looks like a god. He says that the first woman brave enough to stand up will be his empress. A ballerina rises to her feet. Harrison removes her handicaps and mask, revealing a beautiful woman. He orders the musicians to play, saying he will make them royalty if they do their best.

In the story harrison bergeron how is the conflict resolved

Unhappy with their initial attempt, Harrison conducts, waving a couple of musicians in the air like batons, and sings. They try again and do better. After listening to the music, Harrison and his empress dance. Defying gravity, they move through the air, flying thirty feet upward to the ceiling, which they kiss.

Then, still in the air, they kiss each other. Diana Moon Glampers comes into the studio and kills Harrison and the empress with a shotgun. Training the gun on the musicians, she orders them to put their handicaps on.

George, who has left the room to get a beer, returns and asks Hazel why she has been crying. He urges her not to remember sad things. He says she can say that again, and she repeats that it sounded like a doozy.The protagonists George and Hazel Bergeron were suddenely distracted by a news saying that their 14 year old son, Harrison Bergeron, escaped from jail, which can be seen as the main conflict of the story.

The protagonist is Harrison Bergeron because he is the victim. The antagonist Diana Moon Galmpers because she is the one that started the chaos.

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Not only for Harrison, but for America. Internal and External Conflict The internal conflict in Harrison Bergeron is that the handicaps inside or around on. The conflict in Kurt Vonnegut's short story Harrison Bergeron is the use of restrictive handicapping devices on the intelligent, talented, strong, or otherwise gifted, in order to ensure total.

[Content warning: Politics, religion, social justice, spoilers for “The Secret of Father Brown”. This isn’t especially original to me and I don’t claim anything more than to be explaining and rewording things I have heard from a bunch of other people.

The conflict in Harrison Bergeron is mainly between Harrison Bergeron and his government. In the story, he is the lone rebel who has been accused of plotting to overthrow the government.

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