How to write accomplishment report for ojt

Literature The purpose Elbert Hubbard wanted to get across in his book was no matter what your position is, if you are given a task or an order to do it without question or hesitation.

How to write accomplishment report for ojt

It was first presented in Maslow tried to formulate a needs-based framework of human motivation. His research was based upon his clinical experiences with humans, rather than prior psychology theories from authors such as Freud and B.

Skinner, which were largely theoretical or based upon animal behaviour. Maslow presented five sets of human needs that drive human behaviour. These needs have been organized into hierarchy of relative dominance according to their appearance in human life.

Such needs might be fulfilled by: The first in level of higher needs are social needs. Social needs are those related to interaction with others and may include: External esteem needs are those such as reputation and recognition.

Some examples of esteem needs are: Unlike lower level needs, this need is never fully satisfied; as one grows psychologically there are always new opportunities to continue to grow. According to Maslow, only a small percentage of the population reaches the level of self-actualization.

Maslow has separated these five needs into higher and lower orders.

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Lower-order needs are physiological and safety needs, while social, esteem and self-actualization are higher-order needs. Lower order needs are satisfied externally with salary, union contract etc.

Most criticism is focused on the fact that Maslow has conducted his research on US employees.

how to write accomplishment report for ojt

So hierarchy of needs is based on their preferences. Security needs are on the top of the hierarchy in countries where uncertainty-avoidance characteristics are strong Japan, Greece, Mexico.

There are important considerations for management including insights into the best way to motivate employees, vendors, clients and customers. An important thing to understand is that everyone is not motivated by the same needs.

For example, managers can harness the power of physiological needs by providing wages that are sufficient for employees to purchase their basic needs.

Safety needs can be addressed by providing job security, retirement benefits and a safe working environment.

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Social needs are addressed by developing a team atmosphere, making sure that employees know that they are a part of something bigger and they can count on their team members just as their team members should be able to count on them.

Companies can develop products to help satisfy particular needs and they can also focus on particular needs as a way to market and sell something.

For example, a clothing manufacturer can focus on physiological needs such as the need to be protected from the environment and to be warm.Summary of Action Examples. Ref: SECNAVINST H, Navy and Marine Corps Awards Manual Because each award recommendation is evaluated on the merits of the justification, the Summary of Action is critical.

Readbag users suggest that MCO PA MARINE CORPS LAW ENFORCEMENT MANUAL is worth reading. The file contains page(s) and is free to view, download or print. Examples of Security Forces EPR Bullets. Job Description - Leads pers SF Ops section providing planning/organizing security f/USSTRATCOM msn & deployment rqmts.

調査研究成果データベース [全文情報を閉じる] 全文情報 I部 研究の背景、経緯、概要 第1章 研究の背景と経緯. Article 9a of Commission Regulation No / (amended by Commission Regulation No 70/) contains a 2 year transition period for the implementation after initial publication of OSD FC report.

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how to write accomplishment report for ojt

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