Harnessing the power of lightning

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Harnessing the power of lightning

Significantly, no new wind farms had been proposed by Julyshowing that the Liberal government had effectively stopped wind power development in Victoria. Fortunately, the anti-renewables Liberal government was replaced with a more progressive Labor government in Curtailment warning In May the Australian Energy Market Operator AEMO warned that output from existing and planned wind and solar projects in north-western Victoria would have a high risk of their output being curtailed because of the limited capacity of the power transmission lines in the region.

For more information read the RenewEconomy articles. The Labor Daniel Andrews Government that followed was much more favourably disposed toward renewable energy. Premier Andrews was still in power at the time of writing this paragraph, May It seems that there is an Australia-wide trend for the Liberal party to be aiming at no action on climate change.

In July it had been noted in the media that no new wind farm proposals had been lodged in Victoria since the new laws came into force. These laws make it harder to build a wind farm in Victoria than to start a coal mine, extract coal-seam gas, or build a fossil-fuel-fired power station.

Victorians do not have any right to veto new power lines, highways, coal mines or any other industrial or mining developments within similar distances of their homes. This seems to be a law enacted by a government that wants to stop wind power development and support the existing fossil-fuel power industry.

He said that at least nine farms promising up to construction and 57 permanent jobs were affected. More at Yes2Renewables Hepburn Wind published this revealing comment: Somewhat ironically, all six of Victoria's coal fired powered stations are located in so called no-go zones.

Hazelwood coal mine fire, February It seems that the Victorian Liberal government are quite happy to have coal mines in this area, even when they are run incompetently, but wind turbines are against the law.

Does the reader see any ethical problems with laws like this?

Harnessing the power of lightning

Extract from 'VC82 Explanatory Report. At one to two kilometres people will be able to hear the turbines at times, and they might find the sound objectionable. These new laws will make it very difficult for any new wind farm to be built in Victoria. People have no right to veto the building of a nearby highway; is it right to give them the power of vetoing the building of a wind turbine at a time when the world is in dire need of more renewable energy to combat climate change?

If this law is to remain in force there is at least a need for the wind farm proposer to have some sort of a right to appeal unreasonable demands by home owners.The Black Lantern Corps is a fictional organization of corporeal revenants (resembling intelligent zombies or jiangshi) appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, related to the emotional monstermanfilm.com group is composed of deceased fictional characters from the publication in zombie form that seek to eliminate all life from the DC Universe.

Late in , in Berlin-Dahlem, an experiment in nuclear chemistry touched off a wave of excitement throughout the world which even reached the front pages of the most conservative newspapers.

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Could you power a city with lightning?

Harnessing the power of lightning

In Back to the Future, Doc Brown uses lightning to power the De Lorean sports car time machine so that Marty can return to Could you power a city with lightning?

In Back to the Future, Doc Brown uses lightning to power the De Lorean sports car time machine so that Marty can return to But could lightning ever be harnessed as a useable power source in the future?

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