Experiments and adaption essay

Save the official lab report for your colleagues; now is the time to engage laymen by telling a story about your science experiment in human, vivid and colorful terms. Assess your audience to help you make smart decisions about how to word your essay.

Experiments and adaption essay

Pick Three out of Four Sensory Experiments This assignment called for me to pick three out of four sensory experiments to conduct and then record my reaction to each experiment.

The three experiments I chose to conduct are number one- the sandpaper experiment, number three- the index cards and flashlight experiment and number four- the water in bowls experiment.

While conducting each of these three experiments I was surprised by the results of each of them. I rubbed my finger on the piece of coarse sandpaper and it felt very hard to my finger.

After the two minute wait, I rubbed the same finger over the sand paper and found it to be softer than it felt the first time I ran my finger over it. The coarseness of the paper felt completely different the second time I ran my finger over it. I believe this is due to fact that I did rub the sandpaper with the same finger which was already desensitized by the first time I rubbed it on the sandpaper.

This experiment is a sensory adaptation of touch in which our senses adjust to the level of stimulation we receive. This experiment shows that our senses can be as sensitive as they can be without being over loaded, which is why the second time my finger was rubber over the sandpaper it was less sensitive.

I took the fifteen index cards and my flashlight into a dark room and placed all fifteen cards over the end of the flashlight as soon as I got into the room.

At first I could not see any light so I started taking index cards off the end of the flashlight one at a time.

Experiments and adaption essay

When I got down to the fourth card I could see a little spot of light through the index cards. I waited a few minutes and the light was brighter through the cards so I started adding cards back in front of the flashlight every few minutes for the next fifteen minutes.

Experiments and Adaption Essay Sample

As my eyes adapted to the darkness I could continue to see the light through the cards. When I first went into the dark room from a bright room I was barely able to detect the light through the cards. The longer I stayed in the dark the light increased which made this an experiment of my sight sense adapting in the dark room for me to see the light through more and more cards the longer I stayed in the darkness.

I filled 3 medium sized bowls with water. In the first bowl I put in tap water as hot as I could stand to put my hand into, in the second bowl I put very cold tap water and in the third I put an equal measure of the very hot tap water and the very cold tap water.

Experiments and Adaption | Essay Example

I then put my right hand into the cold water and my left hand into the hot water and kept them there for three minutes. When the three minutes were up I transferred both hands into the bowl with the equal measure of both the hot and cold water.

Pick Three out of Four Sensory Experiments and other term papers or research documents.A science experiment prepared by Janey Cohen, SBMA Science Consultant. ANIMAL ADAPTATIONS. Inspired by. Art to Zoo: Exploring Animal Natures.

ADAPTATIONS. An Experiment of Adaptation Introduction: Throughout history of time, organisms change in relation to their environment, consequently, adaptation is an essential property of life.

This experiment is designed to test the adaptation of Drosophila melanogaster. Introduce students to the study of ecological adaptation through lesson plans, worksheets, and group activities.

Experiments and adaption essay

Supplement your science unit with printable resources and projects that will help you teach students about the different ways in which animals adapt to their environment. If the exploratory and discovery nature of science captivates you, there may be no better way to share your enthusiasm than to write an essay about a science experiment and share it with others.

Save the official lab report for your colleagues; now is the time to engage laymen by telling a story about your science. Adaptation is the process of the receptors becoming less sensitive as a result of continued presentation of the same stimulus (Davis, & Palladino ).

There are two types of experiment carried out; dark adaptation in using a “white” stimulus and dark adaption in using a long wavelength stimulus. A machine, Goldman-Weekers Dark Adaptometer (Figure 1), was used in both experiments to measure the threshold.

Experiments and Adaption | Essay Example