Essay on obesity is the root cause of all disease

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The trend of obese Americans has continually increased sinceand is not showing signs of slowing down. More than half of the adults in America are considered overweight or obese, and about thirty-four percent of the total population in the U.

Essay on obesity is the root cause of all disease

Obesity After a long day of work or school, we have the choice to prepare ourselves a healthy meal or to get something quick and easy from the drive-through or a quick microwaveable dinner.

Many of us do not have the time, or just simply choose not prepare healthy meals or exercise and it shows in our waistline. From the abundance of fast food chains on every corner to television and video games it is no wonder why we are putting on extra pounds.

Obesity is caused by an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, but others are opposed to this view, claiming that obesity is a disease caused by genetics and other factors.

We will write a custom essay sample on Is Obesity a Disease? BMI is used because, for most people, it correlates with their amount of body fat. One may argue that obesity is a disease because, like any other disease, it can interfere with the body not functioning properly.

An excess amount of fat tissues will cause the overproduction of bodily molecules and mediators which contribute to abnormal regulation of food consumption and energy levels American Medical Association. As being a problem with genetics, Albert J. Even though obesity is viewed as a disease itself, it can still contribute to other known diseases such as: In this case, calling obesity a disease may be appropriate because of the domino effect it has.

Although there has been a rapid increase in obesity in the recent years, it has been stated that obesity was considered a disease as early as the 17th century David B. From general knowledge, we all know diseases are contracted by infectious viruses and other factors and that diseases generally have certain distinct characteristics.

For example, aids is a disease, cancer is a disease, and botulism to name a few. For obese people, their realistic disease is that everything tastes good.

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Obesity can be compared to smoking and drinking. Smoking may cause lung cancer and drinking may cause alcoholism, but smoking or drinking in its self is not considered a disease. For those who claim to have become obese from another illness, in most cases, are prescribed medication to keep their weight gain to a minimum.

It is simple science; the more you eat, the fatter you will become especially when you have a sedentary life style. For example, many people commute long distances to work and school, sitting in traffic for a long time.

Once they reach their office or classroom, they sit some more. Lack of exercise will also contribute to obesity. Obesity is simply a matter of personal responsibility and not an illness. Every individual can make the decision to live a healthy lifestyle.

If obesity is a disease, then diet and exercise should be the cure. With all of the information presented as to obesity being a disease, I am still opposed that. I understand that it may be harder for people who are genetically prone to becoming overweight to stay fit, but I find it hard to believe that every single obese person has a disease or is blaming it due to genetics.

From personal experience, I witnessed a four hundred pound friend lose one hundred pounds last year and is still losing weight. I believe it is a matter of staying active and eating right.Medical Causes of Obesity.

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If your doctor suspects thyroid disease as a cause of your obesity, he or she may perform blood tests to check your hormone levels. Cushing's syndrome. I'm looking for some articles that argue that drugs are the cause of addiction.

I want to give them to my students and see if they can pic them apart before I present Rat Park. Unprotected sex, smoking, and obesity are not the disease; they are the cause of disease.

Many public forums such as the news, health professionals, educational articles, and pharmaceutical companies have referred to obesity as a disease.

More about Obesity is a Disease Essay. Obesity: Disease or Choice Essay Words | 4 Pages; Heath. Root Cause of Asthma Attack, Respiratory Natural Treatment, Prevention. There is overwhelming evidence that asthma is closely connected with lifestyle, and especially diet.

Essay on obesity is the root cause of all disease

Free Essay: Is Obesity a Disease? After a long day of work or school, we have the choice to prepare ourselves a healthy meal or to get something quick and. Apr 19,  · A Possible Contributing Factor in Obesity, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and Chronic Fatigue.

Obesity is quickly becoming the number one health issue confronting America today, and has also risen to epidemic proportions worldwide.

Cause Of Obesity: An Excellent Essay Sample For College