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Not to worry because we have a list of companies that does a lot of CSR and as a result, has a very firm reputation on an international basis. The company has been in existence for more than a couple of decades.

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A man of light, he has spent a whopping 15 years with several local, national and international NGOs at various levels and also headed a few of them: What is the business profile of Lanco Group in India?

Lanco is fast emerging as one of the top three private sector power developers in India with MW operation, MW under construction, and MW of projects under development.

How has the sustainability program evolved at your company? We have come a long way in the last one and a half decades…from mere charity to development and then to the level of embracing international best practices such as addressing MDGs.

We have involved international agencies in drawing up our CSR Policy as early as Since we are a hands-on organization with presence in 14 locations in 12 Indian states, we constantly review our programmes, measure outputs and outcomes and drive improvements.

Tell us about someone mentor, sponsor, friend, hero who affected your sustainability journey, and how. I would say without any hesitation that the top management of the company has a very big role in this long journey. The top management of the Company also plays an active role on the Board of the Lanco Foundation.

The company looks at the Foundation as a business vertical and allocates sufficient time every month for reviewing the programmes and providing suitable direction. I would say not much change is required, as we have been following what is included in the Act.

If we have to go by the Act, we may have to reduce our budgets! Which key areas of the society does the group strive to improve through its CSR department? We are currently touching the lives of overpeople, mostly in remote rural areas. Our drinking water programme alone benefits over 60, people every day, while our Lanco Mobile Health services cover people in 36 villages a day through the week.

If you had the power to make one major change at your company or in your industry, what would it be? I would personally like to internalize the social responsibility among every employee of the company.

I know it is challenge, but should be possible.

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Every employee should think of triple bottom line. Describe yourself as a socially responsible citizen. As a company, our early initiative of establishing a Foundation speaks itself of the socially responsible citizen.

As a 25 year old company, having a Foundation for nearly 15 years is an achievement in itself.Watch video · LEGO IDEAS invites you to submit new, original, and creative ideas in the form of a “Product Idea” that others vote on and we consider as potential new brick-based LEGO playsets.

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CSR 6 months ago LEGO plans to use % sustainable packaging by In the LEGO Group announced its ambition to use % sustainable materials in both its bricks and packaging by Lego, the world's leading manufacturer of tiny toy blocks has made a giant leap in its efforts to go green, beyond merely the color of its blocks.

Lego has seen a slowdown in sales growth in recent years, but China has bee Lego has seen a slowdown in sales growth in recent years, but China has been a bright spot.

CSR Report and on its CSR website, from my professional view point, my opinion on items considered to be of particular importance are as follows. As a reference for future policy and information disclosure, I hope my feedback will help lead the company toward achieving an even higher.

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