Btec level 3 extended diploma in sport sports development the development continuum

It also produces elite athletes to represent the nation. Sport development has 5 key aims. Sport development aims to reduce tension across communities by creating positive role models.

Btec level 3 extended diploma in sport sports development the development continuum

In sport we have to take in a range of different performers, who come from various different backgrounds cultures and beliefs, each of these has its own demands and regulations for participation in sport and so it is the job of different organisations and sporting parties to overcome this, finding ways to include and allow everyone to participate in sport.

It helps to highlight the route a performer can take to become an elite performer. It includes four different sections; -The Foundation stage At this stage sport practisers are classed as novices, where the achievement and learning of basic skills and techniques are achieved.

A scheme run by the government which helps to widen the amount of children participating in sport is called the 5x60 scheme. A participant will show commitment to help perfect their skills and they will be at a club or regional standard.

Activities at Excellence level usually have rewards that motivate the individual, such as trophies or money. Some examples of these would be as below, each of which will be discussed and explored within this essay; -Cultural -Economic -Historical As well as this I will be looking into the target groups within the sporting industry…the participants.

Finding out how their different group types can affect them in a sporting environment. It is the least physically and mentally demanding sector, with little stress and pressure to succeed, meaning it does not require huge amounts of training and commitment from its members.

Age best predicts participation in sport, exercise or physical activity. The proportions in each age-group who exercise several times a week are: The above data collected from www. Taking part in sport and exercise by age; Base: This is illustrated in the picture below.

Health is a barrier that increases steadily with age and is by far the main issue affecting the older generation.

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This is a great way in which to encourage elderly people to participate in sport. An example of where this applies would be at the lc2 Swanseawhere senior citizens are offered with discounted opportunities regarding the pool.

Young people are the most active and involved with sport in the UKthey shape the future of the sports industry being the nations up and coming talents. And so it is highly important that they are offered with the right pathways and opportunities in sport. There are many different factors and barriers which prevent young people from sometimes reaching their full potential in sport.

Below these are listed and explained, evaluating how these problems can be and are resolved. There are a number of different schemes that are put together to overcome barriers such as these, an example of this would be the 5x60 scheme, who are an organisation with the main aims of increasing mass participation with young people, they help to get children involved in sport no matter what their background to encourage them into participating in sports.

By the 5x60 scheme coming in and offering these opportunities, this ecological barrier is broken as no money and funds are needed from the participants.

They to offer a range of different sporting activities and through these they can identify potential talents of participants and help to feed them onto further possible success. As well as the sporting organisations there are a number of different offers provided by sporting clubs and industries that are aimed to encourage the participation of younger people.

An example of where this is present would be the lc2 who by offering a discounted price widen the amount of young people interested in sport increasing their motivational levels regarding participation.

Lc2 offer a range of different activities for younger people, an example is as below taken from their website; Historical.

Historically it had been thought of and acceptable for sport to be associated with male domination which of course led to serious discrimination towards women in sport.

It was believed that the concept of feminism and fertility could be threatened by participation in all but the most genteel of sports.

Btec level 3 extended diploma in sport sports development the development continuum

In the Victorian era is was thought of as unsuitable, undignified and even dangerous for women to participate in any form of sporting activity and during the Nineteenth century women were not only constrained by societal attitudes but also by the lack of opportunity and provision.

There were was no support both financially or socially and it was strongly thought of as being morally wrong for them to behave in such a way. The are many different people who participate in sport, all coming from different backgrounds and beliefs.Ben Harper - Level 3 BTEC Sport - Unit 6 - Sports Development Friday, 7 February The majority of sports follow a similar pattern to this whereby all participants enter the continuum at foundation level.

This is a basic level where participants take part in PE lessons or simply play in the park. When at this stage, development. Emma Potts BSc (Hons) Midwifery When I graduate I will leave Edge Hill with the knowledge to develop my future learning with the best evidence-based research to practice, whilst also being able to work well and deliver safe and up-to-date care.

Many private and boarding schools in Canada offer superb soccer programs for those who wish to pursue a possible professional career in this of the aspects of the game covered at soccer programs in secondary schools.

The BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Performance and Excellence) is a two-year course, requiring 15 hours of study per week, which are fitted in around the football training. BTEC Level 3 Sports Diploma. BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness).

English Language Programme. The course follows the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport, Development, Coaching and Fitness. It is 2 year programme but there is a 1 year option. Students can also add qualifications such as the Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer to this qualification.

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Unit Six - Sports Development Assiment One. Assessment Schemes that are available to this group are mainly focused at the participation level of the sports development continuum, but they mainly go to these schemes for the social aspect as well as the fact it keeps them fit.

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