Blood magic essay

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Blood magic essay

Blood magic essay

Blood is the essence of life, the essential component of our being. Since ancient times the association between blood and life force has been well-known. This is because, through association blood represents the life force of an individual.

The blood represents the essence or soul of who he is. According to Cavendish, an ancient cure for epilepsy was to drink the blood of a slaughtered gladiator, which would give the person the strengths of the warrior who had fallen.

Cavendish states that the epileptic should reach the warrior before he has fallen in battle and drink of his as it fell from his wounds. During the 17th century, It was said that the carried the life force of the executed criminal and that it was a strong protection from disease and misfortune.

Using Blood Magic for Spells and Rituals: One of the most common uses for blood in magic and ritual is to use it to sign a pact with Satan. In this way you are connecting a part of yourself and your life force to the act of signing your pact. You only need a small amount of your own blood to do this.

The best way to gather it is to use a sterile blood lancet on your fingertip. Draw some blood into a small dish. Afterwards use a sterile ink nub or a feather quill like the one shown on the left, to draw your signature or to simply sign your pact with an X. Using Blood for Binding: Another use for blood in magic is to use it with a binding spell.

For instance, using a drop of blood in candle or sigil magic can bind your target to you in a magical way. If you wanted to cast a spell of lust or desire you could use blood as a focus for your magical work.

By doing this you are binding your target. The association with blood and life-force and vigor can be compared to sympathetic magic, because it contains the qualities and energy of the person that it belonged to. The use of personal items like fingernails, hair, or even bits of clothing that came from a target in a magic spell, directs the spell onto the target by association.Home Lexicon Blog Essays Magic, Genes, and Pure Blood and partly because the point of this essay is not to take a particular political or moral stance, but to present a theory what could possibly be the other side of the story that is told to Harry Potter, and to us through his point of view.


The Harry Potter Lexicon is an unofficial. The Blood of the Earth: An essay on magic and peak oil and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

Satanic Spell Targeting - The Use of Blood Magic In Satanism

Learn more Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.5/5(3). EssayTyper types your essay in minutes! Oh no! It's finals week and I have to finish my essay immediately. Blood is the essence of life, the essential component of our being.

Find out how to use Blood Magic for Satanism and Satanic Spell work. The Use of Blood Magic. Home» Satanism, Magic & Demonology Essays» Magic & Witchcraft Essays» Satanic Spell Targeting – The Use of Blood Magic. What is Blood Magic? This essay explores one of. The Blood Of The Earth An Essay On Magic And Peak Oil Ebook PDF 41,87MB The Blood Of The Earth An Essay On Magic And Peak Oil Ebook Chasing for The Blood Of The Earth An Essay On Magic And Peak Oil Ebook Do you really.

I read with interest the essay “Magic, Genes, and Pure Blood,” by glamourousgeek, being myself involved in research into the complex inheritance of magic, but I .

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