An in depth analysis of the infamous mcmartin preschool case

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An in depth analysis of the infamous mcmartin preschool case

Executive Summary During the month of May an archaeological project was conducted at the McMartin Preschool site to determine, once and for all, whether or not there had ever been tunnels under the building, as described by various children.

Excavation was carried out according to established scientific conventions with a careful research design defining what might prove or disprove the existence of "an underground feature that would connect to the surface of the site and extend underground for some distance.

Both tunnel complexes conformed to locations and functional descriptions established by children's reports. One had been described as providing undetected access to an adjacent building on the east. The other provided outside access under the west wall of the building and contained within it an enlarged, cavernous artifact corresponding to children's descriptions of a "secret room".


Both the contour signature of the walls and the nature of recovered artifacts indicated that the tunnels had been dug by hand under the concrete slab floor after the construction of the building.

Whatever the purpose of this elaborate enterprise, even more effort must have been devoted to filling the tunnels back in and trying to conceal any evidence of their existence.

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Much of the fill dirt used for packing the tunnel spaces was mixed with historic debris, as if to mimic the surrounding terrain. Not only did the discovered features fulfill the research prequalifications as tunnels designed for human traffic, there was also no alternative or natural explanation for the presence of such features.

The McMartin case was encumbered with hundreds of charges against seven defendants and dozens of uncharged suspects. It became the longest, most expensive and arguably most controversial criminal trial in American history. The descriptions given by children to investigators and parents were unusual and unprecedented as they emerged inbut they became so stereotypic to subsequent cases throughout the country as to become generic of presumed "ritual abuse".

Accusations of such extreme cruelty and bizarre perversity in the absence of physical evidence or obviously deranged suspects led eventually to increasing skepticism that such crimes could possibly exist.

Simple alternative explanations emerged, first as criminal defense theories and then as common wisdom: Full-page newspaper ads placed in by McMartin criminal defense attorneys raised the specter of the Salem witch trials. The witch hunt analogy has since flourished to create substantial public distrust of pre-school-age witnesses and of the adults who question them.

The failure of prosecutors to obtain even a single conviction in the McMartin trial has been taken by many as proof that the children's allegations were merely fantastic. Various journalists have demanded punishment of the professionals and parents who had chosen to believe them.

Similar allegations arising more recently in other cases in the United States and abroad are tested against the McMartin standard, creating a prejudice against investigating or substantiating even remotely "bizarre" complaints.

Parents in such cases feel triply betrayed; first with the dreadful discovery of abuse; second with their abandonment by law enforcement, and third with being blamed for imagining the abuse and fomenting public hysteria. One of the supposedly bizarre aspects of the McMartin case was the children's insistence that they were taken into underground tunnels.

They explained that the tunnels led to an underground "secret room" where abuse occurred, as well as providing a route for subversive transport to off-site locations for sexual exploitation.

These stories were apparently considered fantastic by investigators, who made no attempt to search beneath the building. A group of parents forced the hand of the district attorney on March 17, by initiating an excavation in the adjacent lot.

The district attorney then authorized an archaeological inspection of that lot by Scientific Resource Surveys Inc.

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There was no exploration beneath the slab floor. · The McMartin case was the most infamous of the satanic day care trials, but it wasn’t the only one, or even the first. Beck intersperses close analysis of each stage of the McMartin affair Childrens Testimony Essay Examples.

An in depth analysis of the infamous mcmartin preschool case

3 total results. An Analysis of the Argument If the Children Should Be Allowed to Testify in Court. 2, words. 5 pages. Child Witness: A Look into the Reliability of Children's Testimony. 2, words. 5 pages.

An In-depth Analysis of the Infamous McMartin Preschool Case. 1, words. 2 pages. Company. About Mar 10,  · The McMartin Preschool trial began in after accusations of sexual abuse and satanic rituals from a mother whose mental instability later became an issue in the case.

The Abuse of Innocence: The McMartin Preschool Trial () (reporting a discussion between a friend of the Buckeys and a defense lawyer) The McMartin Preschool Abuse Trial, the longest and most expensive criminal trial in American history, should serve as a cautionary tale.

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An in depth analysis of the infamous mcmartin preschool case

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· An article covering the McMartin Preschool fiasco in depth would constitute several books however I think any serious Wikipedia article should include comments from Janet Reno underscoring her involvement, motivated by her occult

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