A study of a way to combat homelessness

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A study of a way to combat homelessness

He had new Nike sneakers, carried a cell phone, and looked like any other high school student. That's because Beth McCullough was doing her job.

A study of a way to combat homelessness

Through a local service organization, she was able to get a pair of size shoes for the boy. She gave him a prepaid phone for safety, since he was sleeping in an abandoned building.

And every morning, McCullough made sure the locker room was open early and stocked with a clean towel and shampoo so he could shower. She takes the secretary's skepticism as "a compliment. Inthere were nearly a million homeless students in U. Some districts are coping by partnering with community-based organizations and getting creative with services.

Others are taking advantage of government subgrants. Advocates maintain there are ways to accommodate this vulnerable population. But first educators must learn how to best approach, and deal with, the challenges involved.

Meeting the Law's Requirements inthe federal government enacted the Mckinney-Vento Act, which requires that every school district provide homeless students with equal access to public education. Districts need to count homeless students and have a homeless liaison to serve their needs.

Being doubled up is the most common, accounting for 71 percent of homeless students in the school year.

The law sets up competitive subgrants to help fund support services. Many districts use grants to transport students back to their schools of origin so they can have some stability in their educational life. Others use subgrants for after-school programs, tutoring, and school supplies.

But districts must know how to craft an effective application. All schools need to provide homeless services, but most do so without extra grants. Some schools have better resources than others. Lack of affordable housing and poverty are drivers, along with the increase in families headed by single moms, which now make up one in five families nationwide.

Moving from one new curriculum to another-that's a huge challenge," she says. To help children adapt, and to identify those who are homeless in a discreet manner, a district or school must have a coordinated and solid plan. At the top, administrators need to understand their responsibilities under McKinney-Vento and support the work of homeless liaisons, says McCullough.

A superintendent once told her the district was doing for a homeless kid what it would do for any kid. They need extra support, just as special education students do.

In the classroom, teachers should look for children who appear sleepy or are wearing the same clothes, or who are carrying lots of belongings, hoarding food, or talking about moving often, says Bowman. Many children are embarrassed about their situation, and interventions should be done confidentially.

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Consider avoiding the term "homeless" altogether, says Lisa Mentesana, support specialist with the Beaverton, Oregon, school district, which has the highest homeless student population in the state. Inshe worked with 1, students; in the fall ofshe had already served 1, students.

We wanted to let you know about some support services available. Mentesana has seen families trying to "sneak" their children into school after they've moved out of the area, and they are relieved when they learn their kids can stay in their home school.

Since families are mobile and districts often share students, school administrators must collaborate, she says. They can coordinate transportation and outreach efforts and partner to share community resources and strategies.

Kids who are homeless may act out and need a second chance, prompting administrators to rethink zero-tolerance policies. Teachers can help by being flexible with assignments and procedures, says BethAnn Berliner, a senior research associate at WestEd, a research, development, and service agency in Oakland, California.subcontractor, the Urban Institute, to conduct an exploratory study to identify communities that have implemented effective and well-targeted community-wide homelessness prevention activities.

The study documents these approaches in six communities with the hope that other communities might learn how to carry out similar efforts.

United Way agency partners bring together people and resources to tackle complex issues and drive sustainable positive change. a ‘single payer’ financing system is the only way to universally provide everyone, including those Health Organization study ranking the effectiveness of health care systems (based on health UNIVERSAL SOLUTIONS TO PREVENT AND END HOMELESSNESS Policy Statement National Health Care for the Homeless Council.

Marine Corps Student Uses Thesis to Combat Veteran Homelessness. Story Number: "This research study is terrific and already helping in significant ways.

he sees education as the way to. Homelessness is the circumstance when people are without a permanent dwelling, such as a house or monstermanfilm.com who are homeless are most often unable to acquire and maintain regular, safe, secure and adequate housing.

The legal definition of homeless varies from country to country, or among different jurisdictions in the same country or region. The term homeless may also include people. A Study of a Proposal to Decrease Violence Among Adolescents. 1, words. 5 pages.

A Study of a Way to Combat Homelessness. 1, words. 8 pages. Henry David Thoreau and Mohandas Gandhi - Inspiring People to Take Action Against Injustice. 1, words. 4 .

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