A biography of george westinghouse an american inventor

Wardenclyffe Tower with electrical sparks. Tesla built this tower to transfer electricity without wires to electrify the entire earth and to be the first broadcasting system in the world.

A biography of george westinghouse an american inventor

Compressed air pushes on a piston in a cylinder. The piston is connected to a brake shoe which can rub on the train wheel, creating friction and stopping the train. The various Westinghouse Companies were the product of the mechanical inventiveness and the business acumen of one man--inventor, manufacturer and entrepreneur George Westinghouse.

This prolific inventor influenced the course of history by enabling the growth of the railroads through his inventions and by promoting the use of electricity for power and transportation. As an industrial manager, his influence on industrial history is considerable, having formed and directed more than 60 companies to market his and others' inventions during his lifetime.

His electric company became one of the greatest electric manufacturing organizations in the United States, and his influence abroad was evident by the many companies he founded in other countries. In the ninth century the "Westinghausen" family was prominent in Westphalia, Germany, and in the 14th century a branch of the family emigrated to England and later the United States.

When George was 10 years old his family moved to Schenectary, New York whee his father started the firm of G. While working with his father young George acquired a realistic sense of tools, materials, machinery and structures.

After three years of military service during the Civil war, he returned to Schenectady, and in Septemberenrolled as a sophomore at Union College. Within three months, however, he convinced himself and his teachers the college curriculum had little to offer to one with his mechanical learnings.

He dropped out of the college at Christmas vacation and returned to his father's factory. One important thing did happen during his short stay in college: While traveling on the trains for his fathers business he observed the problem of derailed cars, and that led to his inventing a device for replacing derailed cars with greater ease and in shorter time.

That same year he married Marguerite Erskine on Aug. Later, because of problems with his partners, he visited Pittsburgh to arrange for a steel company to make the car replacer at less cost.

During visits to Pittsburgh he made the acquaintances of persons who shared his interests in railroads and his work on inventions and manufacturing for the industry, and who would eventually help him with his Pittsburgh companies.

Westinghouse saw that railroads could never live up to their potential until trains had a more effective brake. For three years he worked at improving train brakes. Attempt after attempt failed. But Westinghouse finally hit on the idea that worked. He would place an air compressor in the engine cab and pipes would carry the air to the brakes on each of the cars.

A biography of george westinghouse an american inventor

The engineer could admit compressed air into the system to stop the train and release the air when he wanted to move. Previously, train accidents were frequent since brakes had to be applied manually on each car by different brakemen following a signal from the engineer.

On April 13,he obtained a patent for the air brake system, and in July,when he was still only twenty-two years old, the Westinghouse Air Brake Company was organized in Pittsburgh with Westinghouse as President.

The company, with Westinghouse's inventions for braking and signaling systems, helped to revolutionize the railroads. He continued to make many changes in his air brake design and later developed the automatic air brake system and the triple valve.

His industry expanded as he opened companies in Europe and Canada. In the United States, he expanded into the railroad signaling industry by organizing the Union Switch and Signal Company in In this company, devices based on his own inventions and the patents of others were designed to control the increased speed and flexibility which was made possible by the invention of the air brake.

Westinghouse supplied gas to thousands of private houses in Pittsburgh through many miles of pipe lines. During his development of the braking and signaling systems, in the mid s, Westinghouse became quite interested in electricity. His interest was piqued by the obvious disadvantages of Edison's DC system.

He began pursuing the technology of alternating current and he associated with those who were developing AC devices.

He obtained the U. Westinghouse organized the Westinghouse Electric Company to manufacture and promote the use of alternating-current system equipment, and became a spirited competitor of Edison and his DC system. He acquired exclusive rights to Nikola Tesla's patent for the polyphase system in and lured Tesla to join the electric company and continue his work on the AC motor he had been developing.

In Westinghouse won the contract to light the Columbian Exposition at Chicago. He manufactured overlamps for lighting and replacements.

The Westinghouse exhibit also included a complete working model of a polyphase system, including step-up and step-down transformers, a short length transmission line and switch board.

At about the same time Westinghouse was negotiating with the Cataract Construction Co.George Westinghouse Jr. (October 6, – March 12, ) was an American entrepreneur and engineer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who invented the railway air brake and was a pioneer of the electrical industry, gaining his first patent at the age of Born: October 6, , Central Bridge, New York.

This feature documentary is a biography of America's greatest industrialist, George Westinghouse. Here is the story of his companies, legacy, and personality, an honest millionaire in the days of robber barons, an optimist in the days of skeptics and a generous CEO. Find out more about inventor Nikola Tesla and his rivalry with Thomas Edison on monstermanfilm.com George Westinghouse Biography Scientist, Inventor (–) George Westinghouse is best known for his inventions and the development of his company, Westinghouse Electric & monstermanfilm.com: Oct 06, Above: Commemorative Plaque on Building (32 West 40 Street, Manhattan, New York), "The Engineers Club", was erected in memory of famous American Engineers who helped America transform from a largely agricultural nation to an architectural and industrial empire.

Nikola Tesla's name is included on the plaque among other famous Americans. Susannah Norris-Lindsay, artist who designed the. Horace Newcomb, PhD, Editor “The most definitive resource on the history of television worldwide.” – Library Journal.

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